Dow’s journey in Germany began in 1960 when the first sales office was opened in Frankfurt – today Dow is one of the largest American companies in Germany. Germany is one of Dow's largest countries in terms of sales (more than US$ 3 bn in 2017), employees (approx. 3,600) and production volume (7.5 million metric tons in 2017). The company operates in 13 locations in Germany - production facilities, sales offices and research and development facilities. The headquarter of Dow in Germany is in Wiesbaden, the largest production facilities are in Lower Saxony (Stade), Saxony (Böhlen) and Saxony-Anhalt (Schkopau). Virtually all business portfolios are represented in Germany. To manufacture our products safely and in an environmentally friendly and rational manner, the organization relies on well-qualified and highly specialized staff. For this reason, a combination of good basic apprenticeship and advanced training schemes, as well as a staffing and company policy with a focus on the individual are all taken as a matter of course at our sites.

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