Universitat Rovira I Virgili (URV) Tarragona

Dow in Spain intends to establish and maintain a long-term relationship with the selected strategic key university – Rovira I Virgili. Both the university with its faculties and students, as well as Dow as strategic partner, will benefit from the relationship. Therefore, we set up goals and guidelines to create a win-win-situation for both and lay the foundation for Dow’s successful hiring strategy.

This strategic partnership pursues a twofold objective:

  • To attract and recruit diverse and talented students to maintain a sustainable and differentiated workforce in line with Dow’s strategic needs, along with positioning Dow as employer of choice.
  • Take advantage of this partnership in helping to make a reality our vision of being the most respected science company in the world through the URV acting as Dow’s ambassador.

This partnership between Dow and URV is articulated and deployed through the following central key areas:

  • Associated Professors
  • Support in CV content design
  • Internships/Scholarships
  • Final Thesis/Projects in Company
  • Career Fairs/Job Bank
  • University – Company Chairs
  • “In Company Courses” designed by University
  • Technical Services for Companies
  • Establish high level strategic relationships between Dow executives and University officials
  • Close collaboration and alignment between M&E, R&D, HR, PA and Site Leadership to gain access to knowledge and innovation projects
  • Improve Dow’s corporate image as employer and partner in innovation

Dow and the Universtiy Rovira I Virgili (URV) have a long history of interaction and mutual development of synergies that have produced a very positive impact and results for both organizations. Both have a common interest in improving the mutual cooperation, creating a stable framework, allowing the development of initiatives of shared benefit at mid and long term. Last but not least, they have a common willingness to act on issues of mutual interest and concern for both organizations, specifically on those impacting the broad social environment.

This long standing relationship solidified in several actions heavily rooted in the territory, such us:

  • Dow Award (presented to the Best last year Chemical Engineering student). Since 1978.
  • Dow Award (Best 1st. – 4th. Project addressed to Chemical Engineering students). Since 1997.
  • Dow Course (addressed to Chemical Engineering students). Since 1988.
  • Participation in the design and structure of the so-called “The Well Rounded Chemical Engineer” curricula (combination of both technological competencies and soft skills).
  • Dow-URV Chair on Sustainable Development: the first URV University - Business Chair, since 2005 7 chairs have been created.
  • Photography Contest on Sustainable Development in collaboration with the Conferences on Green Chemistry of the Faculty of Chemistry URV.


Student and graduate opportunities

We hire the best and brightest who represent diverse backgrounds and experiences. To recognize our employees’ outstanding efforts and contributions, we offer a compensation and benefits package which is considered top tier in our industry.