Dirk Pietsch

Run Plant Engineer

My name is Dirk. I started to study process engineering at the Otto von Guericke University in Magdeburg, Germany, in 2009. My university has a strong connection to local industries which makes it very attractive to students. In 2014, while I was looking for a suitable theme for my Master thesis, I went on a university seminar trip to Dow’s PET plant in Schkopau/Saxony-Anhalt. Everyone knows about PET as it’s used for the production of plastic bottles. However, to see how such a raw material is made was really fascinating. Furthermore, I was able to get an insight into the philosophy behind Dow and the possibilities for students within the Company. People were so open-minded and helpful. So, I decided on the spot to apply for writing my final thesis at Dow, although I didn’t know if there was a matching job available at the time. Long story short, I was hired two weeks later as a student trainee. I can honestly say that my first impressions were right. I had such a great time searching for ways to optimize the catalyst management at the aniline plant in Boehlen/Saxony. After I received my Master’s, Dow Central Germany offered me a job as a process engineer. I didn’t need to think twice. Today, I’m working for Dow Supply Chain.

“I can only recommend applying for an internship or writing a final thesis at Dow. Even if there is no suitable job posting, you may be lucky, and can you accomplish into your working life with Dow.”