Alex Stepuk – Chemist

Via the RAP program I’ve already experienced working in different locations as well as in different businesses.

My name is Alex. I joined Dow after finishing my PhD and postdoctoral research at the ETH Zurich, Switzerland through the Research Assignment Program (RAP). ETH Zurich is one of the most advanced academic and research institutions worldwide and has strong ties with such global leaders as Dow in the chemical industry. Personally, I knew the company well beyond the walls of the university, however, the presence and the endorsement by Dow at career events definitely stimulated my interest.

Since joining Dow and particularly through the RAP program, I have able to expand my horizons with regard to professional expertise and networking aspects. My current position allows me to do research in various fields and lets me communicate with colleagues from different cultural and professional backgrounds. Through the program I’ve already experienced working in different locations (Horgen, Switzerland and Tarragona, Spain), as well as in different businesses (Plastics and Automotive). If you’d ask me to describe my experience at Dow with three words, it would be challenge, innovation and progress.