Arne Vanstaen – Dow Benelux

Think of improvements in maintenance, new installations, or fixing all kinds of problems – that’s my first career step at Dow.

My name is Arne. Dow was on top of the list of places I wanted to do an internship at. Dow, and particularly the Terneuzen production site, is an important player in the chemical industry and is known as an innovative multinational. For me as a Chemical Engineering student at the University of Ghent, the large variety in chemistry here is very interesting. In addition, the facilities for trainees are very well organized.

During the summer of 2015, I did an internship at the Engineering Solutions department at Dow Terneuzen for six weeks. A relatively short period, but I’ve gained a good impression of the department, Dow and the people who work here. The project I was working on – overpressure protection of a production installation – offered me the opportunity to visit a plant and work together with multiple teams.

Moreover, I received plenty of opportunities to visit other departments and talk with colleagues about their working activities and career paths. This internship made me experience that you can learn a lot in a short period. I discovered what suits me well and what doesn’t, and what I can do to further develop myself. An internship with Dow is very versatile and a recommendation for everyone who wants to gain experience in an international environment.