Luka Mulier – Dow Benelux

Chemical processes are extremely interesting, that became even clearer during my internship at Dow

My name is Luka. From a very young age I was interested in science; I wanted nothing more than to become a pilot or an astronaut, so studying engineering and chemistry was the next logical step. I am currently studying at Gent University to become an industrial engineer, specialized in chemistry.

In October 2015, I started my internship at Dow Terneuzen. I am making a dynamic simulation of a chemical process in a water treatment facility. This allows me to test whether there are also other possible applications, without having to build a complete new facility.

Each time I enter the premises, I keep on looking around like a child in a candy store. Chemical processes are extremely interesting and there is so much to see. Dow is a great company to do an internship in. Everybody is very friendly, helpful and professional.