Dow Benelux B.V. (private company) is a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company. Dow Benelux constantly works on innovation by combining scientific insights with our technologic knowledge. In this way, we provide durable solutions to the world’s most pressing problems; such as the need for clean drinking water, the generation of durable energy and the improvement of agricultural productivity.

Dow’s history in the Benelux started with the opening of a trade office back in 1955. Today, Dow Benelux has grown into a leading player at the intersection of chemistry, biology and physics. In 6 sites and 20 plants in the Netherlands and in Belgium, around 2,000 employees work on leading products and solutions. The synthetic and chemical products produced in the Benelux reach customers and markets all over the world.

The beating heart of Dow Benelux lies in Terneuzen, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen (Zeelandic Flanders, the Netherlands). With its 17 plants and about 1,700 employees, Dow Terneuzen is the second largest production site of Dow. As the largest employer in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, Dow contributes to the economic and social success of the region.

2017 Top Employer - Belgium


Brussels is where Dow has its EU Government Affairs & Public Policy office, looking after Dow's interests in the institutions of the European Union.



With the acquisition of Dow Corning in June 2016, the Seneffe site (+-500 employees) has joined the Belgian Dow family. Seneffe's product portfolio is focused on silicone products: the manufacturing of sealants, compounds, emulsions and powdered antifoams and the research and development of new materials for industries such as home and personal care, construction, textiles and LED lighting.



The Dow site in Tertre produces polyol, another raw material for polyurethane besides MDI from Delfzijl.


Wilrijk is the location of the service center and sales office of Dow Benelux. Also the sales office of Dow AgroSciences is located here.



In Zwijndrecht, Dow runs one plant for the production of Dow Cellosizeā„¢, a substance used in diverse products such as paints, building materials and personal care products.