Career FAQs


How do I apply for a position at Dow?

At Dow, we are offering equal opportunity for the best and brightest talent across Europe, Middle East, Africa and India, regardless of age, race, religion, nationality, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity. Visit, and upon selecting the geographic region of your choice, you will be able to view a list of open jobs.

How does Dow value employees?
  • We at Dow value our employees through many ways. Valuing diversity: At Dow, inclusion and diversity are inherent in our work environment. We value the differing experiences, backgrounds and perspectives among our employees, and draw from those differences to fuel innovation. We are committed to building a vibrant, diverse and talented employee base - and helping each employee grow and develop as part of Dow's inclusive global community. Pay appreciation & recognition: The Company rewards and recognizes employees for their performance and contributions to its success. Dow is committed to providing a variety of competitive programs as part of your total compensation package. Central to our compensation programs is our compensation philosophy which is built around the following principles: We support Dow’s success by offering a variety of compensation programs that are competitive with the best companies with whom we compete for talent. This enables Dow to attract and retain the best talent.
  • Dow rewards employees for their contributions and offers above market compensation opportunities when employees and Dow exceed their goals and objectives.
How would you describe your company culture?

At Dow, our ambition is to become the most innovative, customer-centric, inclusive and sustainable materials science company in the world. We believe that connecting chemistry and innovation can generate new ways to solve challenges and exceed customer expectations. We believe that taking the extra step to be socially responsible does not hold us back, but instead sets us apart. We believe in the worth of our people, in the value of each individual employee and their differing experiences, backgrounds and perspectives. We believe in the power of difference. Every day, we strive to build a culture that embraces innovation, responsibility and diversity. Internal data shows that Dow people are satisfied with the quality of their colleagues and leaders. Dow is a tremendous repository of talent and know-how, so our people have the opportunity to learn from and work with the best in the industry.

How does Dow manage employee development?

As you continue to grow and develop at Dow, having a clearly defined vision and plan for how you can develop are important components of reaching your goals. Your development and career plans are driven by personal choices that are tied to values, aspirations and priorities. We at Dow has a structured Employee Development Plan that is intended to encourage insights, on-going discussions and a partnership between employee and leader. The output of these discussions provides important input to employee’s career and development plans.

How is your onboarding process? Would I be able to integrate seamlessly into the organization and learn everything that is necessary?
  • The Great Start@Dow Workshop is part of our new hire introduction process and is a training workshop that all new hires around the globe must complete. Great Start@Dow is designed to give new employees the tools and direction they need to orient themselves to Dow as soon as possible. It provides information on Dow's history, strategies, mission, values, organization and additional resources. After participating in the Great Start@Dow Workshop, employees will understand: how we at Dow operate, covering Dow's history, strategies and mission, values, organizational structure and additional resources
  • what we at Dow expect from new employees in regards to performance and development
  • the opportunities for development and learning as well as interaction with other new employees you will experience
Do you support progressing my career across different countries within Dow?

Yes, we are a global multinational company that promotes employee development and relocation across different countries. We have an internal job announcement system to help find opportunities in other countries. Networking, mentoring and continuous leader discussions can support with employee moves.

Does Dow provide employee educational assistance?

Dow employees can receive assistance to support life-long learning to enhance their contribution to Dow. We offer tools to plan your academic program and obtain tuition assistance.

Does Dow have any mentoring programs?

Yes, we provide mentoring to employees. It is an informal process where participants are learning from others. The relationships provide participants the opportunity to share knowledge and support that can be relevant to their work, professional development and career. Mentoring incorporates the concept of Inclusion and Diversity, connecting people and their differences in thought and style. Mentors can be found through personal contacts, recommendations from a leader or supervisor, an employee network event, social networking, communities of practice, employee groups and the list goes on.

Does Dow have accelerated development programs?

Dow has defined clear guidelines for identification of promising talents. They need to demonstrate behaviors that reflect our core competencies, as well as the three predictors of high potential: ability, aspiration and engagement. People leaders are asked to provide their employees with their feedback in the annual review, looking back at the previous year’s contributions and begin to set goals for the coming year. This is also the time of year when people leaders will be asked to assess their direct reports against the high potential identification criteria.

How do you empower your employees?

The autonomy Dow people have to get the job done is industry leading. Our flat organization, with no more than six layers from the CEO to the front lines, supports our empowered setting. We also give people the freedom to take charge of managing their career through all of the components of people success.

How would you define Dow's compensation philosophy?

We offer financial rewards that are competitive with those of other leading companies. Our compensation package places us among and is competitive with the premier employers globally.

I haven't graduated from one of your partner universities, can I still apply for a job at Dow?

Yes, we welcome your application as we are keen on attracting the very best talent to Dow. A career with us is an invitation to explore, create, and make valuable contributions to human progress. There is a science to your success, and it starts with Dow.

What is Dow doing to support diversity?
  • We are committed to building and sustaining a diverse and inclusive culture at Dow. To hold ourselves accountable, we measure and track our progress against the following goals: To be the "Employer of Choice" in strategic markets where we recruit talent
  • To develop a workforce that reflects the populations we recruit from in the places we do business today and tomorrow
  • To measure and contribute to a workplace characterized by respect and where people value diverse perspectives
Why should I join the Talent Community?

The Dow Talent Community helps you to stay connected and continue to read and to learn more about what is happening around Dow. We would like to keep you informed about Dow's fantastic job opportunities and provide you with relevant updates in your area of interest, and at the same time give you a heads up about upcoming events. Please take a minute to become part of our growing network by joining Dow Talent Community. There you can confirm your areas of interest and stay informed by updating your profile.