INSEAD (Europe Campus)

Dow partners with INSEAD and the school recruits students with an international profile, who already have professional experience.

The partnership between INSEAD, IESE (Spain) and IMD (Switzerland) gave birth to the European « EMEA MBA General Management » program, sponsored by Heinz Haller, Executive Vice President and President of Dow EMEAI. Every young talent participating in this program is a potential collaborator within the group, particularly in the EMEA region. Our employment offers in this geographical area represent unprecedented opportunities for these students to develop themselves professionally, and by integrating into an environment that perfectly matches their own educational background. They will be able to meet challenges and assume responsibilities at a par with their ambitions.

Dow publishes job offers on the school website and is also active during the «Careers Fairs», which are organized every year within the school’s campus. The idea is to multiply the meetings with the students in order to allow our leaders to exchange ideas with students on topics such as water, diversity or the economic development within the EMEA region.

This partnership, which started in 2010, has been reinforced since its creation, and is promising very well for the future.

Many actions can still emerge from this partnership, such as the support of the INSEAD Women in Business Club and Dow‘s Women’s Innovation Network (WIN).

Student and graduate opportunities

We hire the best and brightest who represent diverse backgrounds and experiences. To recognize our employees’ outstanding efforts and contributions, we offer a compensation and benefits package which is considered top tier in our industry.