Politecnico di Milano

Dow has identified some key universities as strategic partners with the aim to have a well-filled talent pool for the EMEAI region (Europe, Middle East, Africa, India). As of 2015, the Politecnico di Milano is considered one of these strategic institutes, due to the historical importance of the university, the high-level of proper technical skills preparation of its students/graduates, and the recognition received by several different multinational/national companies.

Dow aims to:

  • develop and establish a long-term relationship with the students, faculty and staff of Politecnico di Milano to become an employer of choice through the regular participation at events promoted during the year;
  • attract and recruit top talented students to maintain a sustainable workforce in line with the Company’s strategic needs;
  • gain access to knowledge and innovations to support strategic opportunities for research and development.

The school of Industrial and Information Engineering is where Dow is targeting its search for the best talents to renew and continue to build a strong workforce.


Student and graduate opportunities

We hire the best and brightest who represent diverse backgrounds and experiences. To recognize our employees’ outstanding efforts and contributions, we offer a compensation and benefits package which is considered top tier in our industry.