Eline Dhont – Dow Benelux

Think of improvements in maintenance, new installations, or fixing all kinds of problems – that’s my first career step at Dow.

My name is Eline. A few months before finishing my master's degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Ghent, I had the chance to participate in an assessment at Dow Terneuzen. I was promptly offered a great entry-level job as an Improvement Engineer, and have been working there since September 2015. I am the link between the production plant and the project team for all sorts of improvement projects, from capacity increase to safety projects. I gain so much experience here. Thanks to the support of my leader, I also had the opportunity do shift work with a fixed group for five weeks.

Dow is a company with a very open mindset: leaders are very easy approachable, colleagues are there for each other, and there is a lot of mutual interest. If you are open to it, you will receive many chances for development here. At Dow, you are not bound to only one type of function. You can choose your own career development here.