Jennifer Meemann - Operations Leader

From visiting the Dow Stade site in Germany as a kid to joining through an internship and becoming Operations Leader, I’ve already worked in Germany, the US and The Netherlands.

My name is Jenny. I got a first impression of Dow during a school visit to the Stade site in Germany and was overwhelmed by the size of the site. Many years later, during my biotechnology and process engineering studies at the University of Technology Hamburg- Harburg, I remembered that huge site in Stade when it was time to apply for an internship.

I started my internship at the waste water treatment plant Stade Biox Unit in April 2007. This was a great opportunity for me to get a taste of an engineer’s daily work and combine the process technology knowledge I gained at university with the practical biotechnology part of using bacteria for production, in this case the production of clean water. I wanted to try something new as I didn’t want to observe processes in lab scale but wanted to gather experience at a real production plant. I analyzed the improvement opportunities of the Biox plant, and operated a pilot ultra filtration plus and a sand filtration unit. Subsequently, I was able to add to my diploma thesis a topic from the Stade Biox Unit plant and developed a cultivation process for waste water bacteria from conserved strains to the industrial scale. This exciting experience encouraged me in my wish to become a run plant engineer and to apply for a job at Dow.

An opening within Site Logistics drew my interest. In June 2008, railcars, tank trucks, locomotives, vessel and large storage tanks became my new world. The main part of the job was dealing with the technical challenges around tank and terminal operations, but also work organization and planning. I learned a lot about the integration of a big site and how important a good personal network is. After one year in the job, I could add more responsibility with the rail operations leader role where I got budget responsibilities to maintain tracks and vehicles and acted as subject matter expert and internal auditor at different sites.

In 2011, I moved on to the PO/PG plant as a run plant engineer and got the responsibility of a world scale production unit. Producing products with food and pharma applications brings you close to customers. I always liked the idea of working in a different country and got the opportunity in 2013 to relocate with my family to Midland, Michigan in the US. Supply Chain Improvement was a new challenging field for me but I really enjoyed the year there which helped me think more globally.

Since early 2015, I’m back in Europe as operations leader in the Ethylene Amines plant in Terneuzen, The Netherlands. I can build on my previous experiences and really enjoy working with my colleagues. It‘s a pleasure to see what your team can achieve if you can motivate them and give them a clear vision of the plant goals.