Knut Gedicke – Optimization Engineer Hydrocarbons

My name is Knut. I was looking to do something completely different after my research role at the Otto von Guericke University in Magdeburg, Germany. So I changed my focus from processes for fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals to large-scale chemical processes. I wanted to start my professional career at a large chemical company where you have the chance to develop and perform different roles throughout your career. A world-scale company gives you that opportunity. In fact, as I learned when joining Dow, as an engineer it is expected that you develop your career to take on different roles. Such a switch can be combined for example with relocating to another site.

Another reason for choosing Dow was a logistical one, as Dow Central Germany is located nearby Magdeburg, the city my wife was studying in at that time.”

What really impressed me at the beginning and still does today is the working climate among colleagues; be it with peers, direct reports or leaders. It is grounded, very friendly and – as I experienced it - always helpful. I never feel isolated or left to perform a task without the necessary resources. Today, my wife and I enjoy our dual professional life at Dow.