Lawrence Vanhoye - Chemical Technology Engineer

My name is Lawrence. I’m a chemical technology engineer with boundless energy. Imagine this: I just graduated and got my dream job right away! I’m always exploring new things and trying to find out why something works the way it does. I want to solve problems and come up with new perspectives.

In the summer of 2014, I had an internship within Dow’s Research & Development department. An internship is much more than a general introduction to a company. Dow surpassed my expectations. Apart from my personal ambitions, the work atmosphere and mentality are very important. Everybody works on the basis of openness and mutual respect, with an ambitious attitude towards the future.

In September 2014, I started working for Dow in Terneuzen, in a role that fits like a glove as I’m responsible for improvement projects. Looking into problems, thinking about safety, following the business lines... I am the link between the project team and the operators, in an active and open way. This ‘open door policy’ is typical for Dow. Colleagues are willing to help and are easily accessible to ask for feedback, also senior leadership works that way. Everybody benefits from the open atmosphere. As a team, we are ambitious and focus on the future. Today I work at the light hydrocarbons plants, the heart of the site. My goal is a green, sustainable future.